Body Image

Poor Body Image + Confidence = Oil + Water  –>  they just DON’T mix!


Confidence is everything. In the Western society, some degree of body dissatisfaction rather than a beaming confidence has become the norm. Confidence and body dissatisfaction are like oil and vinegar; they just do not mix. Did you know that the “average” model is a size ZERO? A woman’s size zero in U.S. clothing denotes possible anorexic behaviors. A body mass index (BMI) under normal levels is usually required in such a body size. A BMI under normal levels denotes starvation or other compensatory behaviors. Self-starvation and compensatory behaviors denotes an eating disorder.
This abnormal body has become the ideal “norm” for Western women and is entrenched in all media types. These body perfect thin-ideal representations can only be achieved with the use of excessive dieting and exercise. As personal standards have become based around this abnormally normal ideal, they’ve helped encourage and reinforce perfection seeking behaviors and thoughts, disordered eating habits and behaviors, poor mental and physical health, low levels self-rated attractiveness, self-esteem and sexual-esteem.

Digital Enhancements in Media

Ever heard of photoshop?

Here’s an example via Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty: