Exercise & her health…  

My ingenious Professor, Dr D., said something so un-eloquently profound today. He spoke in my Mind and Body Approaches seminar class this morning on The Psychological Benefits of Exercise.

“When people get off their asses physically, they’re much more likely to get off their asses emotionally.”

YES Dr. D.! Yes! Absoultely magnificent, real and really accurate…just simply profound!

Nothing else in the whole entire world can really grab me and pull me, or her, out my my deepest darkest funks like the thermogenic effect of EXERCISE! Thermogenic effect…fancy term for the warming of the body.

Exercise doesn’t just warm her body. Exercise reawakens and rebirths her torn spirit, her hope (or lack there of), her run-away pride, her periodically peaceless mind…confidence, power and will power, self-efficacy and strength. All of these arise. All of these take center and re-ground her. Through the struggle, it’ll be alright; it’ll be alright.

Exercise: what a beautiful struggle.

The mind and the body cannot fight against each other anymore! They must collaborate. Together, they work vigorously, in union, in one direction, towards one unified goal: they work to lift that weight with that muscle; to push and to force that leg, left, right, left, right, up that steep hill, be it on ground or on peddles. The mind and the body must recognize it’s discomfort…it’s struggle. Through recognition comes acceptance. Through acceptance comes achievement. No one can reach an end goal without accepting and grasping on to the struggle enroute.

Exercise: what a beautiful struggle.

Exercise: what a multi-productive battle.
*Less stress & anxiety + more confidence & power => better OVERALL health & wellbeing (physically, of course…but most certainly mentally and emotionally!)

Praise God, not for gyms, treadmills, dumbbells & ellipticals… Praise God for our 2 feet, our 2 legs, our 2 hands, our 2 arms, our 10 fingers & toes! Praise God for our bodies.

We have all we need.
…You have all you need.
……I have all I need.
………She has all she needs!