What is ETLNTA

Eating to Live Means Stopping Eating Disorders

Our Mission

Promoting positive body image and the prevention of Eating Disorders through education and awareness of the effects of bullying and media’s use of digital enhancements.

The Basics of ETLNTA

Did you know – eating disorders (specifically anorexia) are the deadliest of ALL psychiatric illnesses!

Did you also know – eating disorders are among the MOST EXPENSIVE to treat of ALL psychiatric illnesses!


My goal: educating 1 7th grade classroom at a time until ALL adolescents KNOW that perfection seen in media and advertisements are not all that perfect after all. In fact, they aren’t even real.

Media is for Sales, NOT for Life!

ETLNTA believes Media is for Sales, NOT for Life! The average model surely doesn’t have the average body of the average America. Faux-perfect ideals seen in media cannot be thought of as the healthy or worth-deserving standard. A healthy standard cannot be based on personal hair stylists and trainers, photo-shop or other computer technologies. If Eating to Live, Not the Alternative can touch just one life in struggle, my purpose will be fulfilled. I am seeking to touch 1000’s and more…please share this cause!

Your weight is NOT your worth!

How do you define your worth? Is it by your weight or outward appearance? Or, is your worth based on your quality characteristics?
Since when do scales measure the qualities which come from a gentle spirit and a kind heart? Since when do mirrors reflect quality related words back at you?ETLNTA is here to say: 
Your weight is NOT your worth. Your worth is not reflected in the mirror.
You worth is neither of these because your worth is immeasurable and goes way beyond the superficial.What is worse? Being negative, vindictive, cruel and inconsiderate? Weighing more than the runway model? Having more imperfections than the cover model on the latest fashion magazine? Likely being labeled with the “worst” beach body rather than the “best” on the next gossip magazine?
–I’d rather be considerate, gentle, loving, understanding, and kind than “perfect” – whatever that means!–We are a society of polarities. We are either dieting or having a “cheat” day. We are either being “good” or we are “bad”.
–The healthiest people aren’t necessarily the thinnest. The thinnest people aren’t necessarily the healthiest.–
Nothing feels or looks as good as HEALTHY does!What does HEALTH & WORTH mean to you?